Diocese of  Pensacola- Tallahassee Little   Flower   Parish

While AHG’s mission statement is to “Build women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country”, we recognize that our overall mission as part of God’s family is the Great Commission, as commanded by our Lord, Jesus Christ. Any girl, age 5-18 can be an American Heritage Girl. Girls of all different backgrounds are welcome in AHG and are encouraged to join at any/every age!  AHG has a multi-level structure, which means that girls from all levels comprise ONE Troop and meet together as a single troop on the same night.

The Little Flower Parish American Heritage Girls (AHG) participated in Veterans Day March.

The girls enjoy many activities that are fun, enhance knowledge and promote leadership skills.

Badge work and certain activities are done within age appropriate groups (units).

          Award Ceremony                  “Walk for Life” January 14th            Pledge done in Sign Language