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Little Flower Catholic Church - History, 1945-2008

In 1967 there were changes to our liturgy as a result of Vatican II.  Rev. Thomas W. Sadler, Pastor led our parish through these changes.

In 1975 a new parish hall was constructed by Rev. Hugh W. Dolan.

In 1976 the new parish hall was converted to classrooms and the blue and white stained glass was installed in the church.

In 1992 Rev. Monsignor C. Slade Crawford initiated plans to build a new rectory and the Mother Teresa Outreach building. A building and purchasing plan was developed which would eventually lead to the new building program.

In 2000 Most Rev. Martin D. Holley continued with the building program before being elevated to Bishop by Pope John Paul II.

In 2004 Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis slowed the progress of the building program.  Repairs were  completed on the church and school roofs in 2005.  Rev. Eugene Casserly led our parish through these hard times.

In 2006 plans moved forward to construct the new Parish Ministries Center with the help of the capital campaign.

In 2008 construction of the new Parish Ministries Center was completed.


Little Flower Catholic Church is a parish family rich in over sixty years of history. Nine different pastors along with eighteen associate pastors  have served our parish throughout the years.

In the beginning, Archbishop Thomas J. Toolen, D.D., Dioceses of Mobile, found a need for a parish in the Myrtle Grove

community.  In the year 1945, the Little Flower Parish was started from the St. Stephens Parish.  At that time, the church ground was an open field with a house and barn.  The building site was surrounded by farm lands at the intersection of two dirt roads.

In 1946 the old house and barn were converted to a church and rectory by Rev. James E. Smith, Pastor.

In 1947 the building of a new school, convent and church structures was ordered by Archbishop Toolen.

In 1948 a church and school building were converted from the old Army barracks on the property at the time under the leadership of Rev. Hinton A. Lipscomb, Pastor.

During the 1960’s Rev. Edward J. O’Connell, Pastor brought numerous changes to the parish including the construction of the present day church.  The  new church  was dedicated January 24, 1960 and our present day school and auditorium (cafeteria) was completed in December 1966.